Julia Raucci’s Week 3 Blog: Writing Task

Wow, these reading tasks were heavy this week! These are real life issues that teacher’s face in their classrooms and it has to be discussed for everyone to become more open minded and accepting.

Thrice Lessons Learned stated, “know your students’ worlds because it is through their stories that you will understand the best way to teach.” I think this is a crucial element of being a good teacher and a good human. I, a white, straight, cis female, am going to have very different experience in the world than my students who are LGBTQ+ or come from different cultures or races. I believe that we need to be open and accepting and willing to learn from our students just as much as they learn from us or teaching isn’t the profession for you.

As a future teacher, I refuse to stick to the ways lessons have always been. I am open to teaching and reading books to my students about different colored, shaped, and sized people. I want them to teach me about their families, their likes and dislikes, their culture. These modules have made me think about my future classroom and how I want to create a comfortable and open environment where student feel comfortable expressing themselves, however that looks to them, and to speak their native language. It is very important that in my classroom, my students feel welcomed and represented.

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