Julia Raucci’s Week 4 Blog: Performance Task

I loved the videos we watched this week. They were very informative about what we should and should not do when teaching reading lessons to our students.

First off, I LOVED the lessons about good and great readers in the first video! Kids are always striving to do their best and be the greatest they can be, so of course the students seemed to excited to learn how to be a great reader. I was captivated by the way the teacher was explaining that being a great reader is about reading what isn’t on the page, it is how you feel about the book and how it makes your head and heart feel about how the experiences relate to their own lives. She made it simple and clear about what to do and even wrote the characteristics of both readers on the board for the students to refer back to. What an incredible lesson!

I also enjoyed the lesson in the 1st grade classroom about rereading books. I liked how the teacher made them discuss why it is important to reread books and assigned them a writing exercise about their own experiences that the book discussed. My favorite part was when she brought them back as a group again to discuss why they decided to reread. This not only ingrains in their head why it is important to reread, but it gets them all thinking and participating which leads to true, meaningful learning.

I will say that I wasn’t a huge fan of how the kindergarten lesson went. I felt that it wasn’t engaging enough and the kids began to get restless. This is a very young age group and they require some sort of stimulation that the lesson wasn’t providing.

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