Julia Raucci’s Week 5 Blog: Writing Task

One commonality I found between all these readings was how important it is to have your students actively focusing and participating in the read-alouds. This can be done in multiple ways, and the articles mentioned numerous ways to do this. Whether it be answering questions, discussing the plot or theme of the book, or even going as far as acting out what they are reading. Without engaging the students in the story, they will not listen and, therefore, the read-alouds will be pointless. One of the articles mentioned the difference between on-task read-alouds and off-task read-alouds. If your students are off task, they will not pay attention and will not learn anything. If they are on task, however, these read-alouds and the skills they learn from them will be beneficial to them for years to come.

This brings me to my next idea, how read-alouds benefit the student both in and out of the classroom. The articles mentioned the skills the students can learn from read-alouds, These include, but are not limited to, referring to previously stated material and developing good listening and responding skills. Not only are these skills beneficial to the classroom when discussing plot, setting, foreshadowing, etc, but these are life-long skills that need to be learned in order to become a successful individual.

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