Julia Raucci’s Week 6 Blog: Reading Task

I am annotating the second article, Poetry Top 10: A Foolproof Formula for Teaching Poetry, written by Mara Linaberger.

“We can all remember a particular high school or college-level English class in which the teacher required us to read selected poems from a large and ominous-looking anthology of long-dead poets. I can clearly remember the fear I felt when one such instructor asked me to voice my opinion about the meaning of a particular poem. Even worse, I can remember being asked to write in the style of that poet. I also recall that I failed miserably in my at tempts to mimic the poet’s rhymed meter. This may have something to do with my discomfort teaching or writing rhymed poetry today.” YES I have experienced many moments like this. I don’t remember being taught anything about poetry until I got to college and, to be honest, I felt like quite the failure when I took my first creative writing class. The whole first half of the class was solely on poetry and I hard a very difficult time interpreting what it all meant. I certainly have that “fear factor” and I refuse to let that be passed down to my future students. Poetry should be fun and interesting to learn about!

The whole section on Jordan’s poetry was extremely inspiring. It is wonderful to see a student dive right into something that puts a bit of fear in me and watch them overcome, learn, and thrive. I wrote a lot about this section the the writing task blog.

“It is sad that many teachers, particularly elementary school teachers, do not approach the teaching of poetry writing at all.” Agreed! Poetry is one of the main genres of literature. It should be taught in elementary school. We do not need another generations of students with that “fear factor” towards poetry!

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