Julia Raucci’s Book Review #3: Rainbow Fish

The book Rainbow Fish, written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister, is a story about sharing and being selfless, while learning about the importance of caring about the ones you love at the same time.

The book’s theme, as mentioned above, is about sharing and caring for others. Rainbow Fish, our protagonist, is a little fish with vibrant and beautiful scales. His friends all would like to have on of his scales, but he refused, as he wants to keep them all for himself. Without spoiling the rest of the book, we can infer what is going to happen based on our theme.

The pictures in this book are bright, shiny, and colorful. The Rainbow Fish’s scales shine and glisten and capture the eye of children of all ages. The illustrator, Marcus Pfister, did a wonderful job capturing the mood of the book while enhancing and supporting the plot and understanding of the characters through the drawings.

I recommend this book for all elementary ages, as this is a wonderful lesson to teach all children. However, due to the fun illustrations and text used, I will recommend this strongly to grades kindergarten through second. The story is simple enough to understand, yet extremely important to learn, and the pictures will keep them engaged throughout the duration of the read aloud.

This was one of my favorite books growing up and I am very excited to hopefully be given the chance to read this to my students one day.

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