Julia Raucci’s Fables Blog: Performance Task

The award winning fable that I will be discussing is the fable “The Swan, The Pike, and The Crab”.

-This fable teaches children the importance of teamwork, something that is a Russian value.

-We learn that human nature guides us to do what is best for us, like the swan trying to pull the cart up, but isn’t best for the other people involved. Fables teach us that there is a lesson, to communicate and work together to be able to move forward.

-This knowledge is applicable today because without teamwork, we will get no where. We can experience this first hand in our country right now. Our nation seems to be divided pretty intensely, and we have seen no extreme progress of moving forward because we are not working together. This fable perfectly depicts the situation we are in right now, thus relating Russian culture to American culture.

-The moral of the story, as stated above, is to work together. What I took away from the story is that everything isn’t all about you, as our characters once thought when they were attempting to pull the cart in the direction that suited them best. They got nowhere doing that.

-I would love to read this book aloud, then set up an activity. Put a heavy pile of books in front of a group of students and have them all pull in opposite directions, then have them all communicate and settle on one directions they will move to see the high success rate when meaning teamwork happens. I will then explain that this is a Russian fable and teach that that we have the same value here in America, and that fables can teach us that all people have similar things about them and can benefit and grow off of each other.

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