Julia Raucci’s Myths Blog: Writing Task

I remember learning about the Greek gods and goddesses in high school! This brings back very fond memories for me. My literature class discussed all about what they looked like, the abstract ways in which they were brought into the world, and all of the powers they had and things they controlled. I certainly think this is an important subject to teach, as it gave me a deeper passion for literature, as I’m sure it did for some of my fellow classmates as well. Their stories were packed full of adventure, creativity, action, power, and strength. With the world we live in today, where reading is not nearly as popular as skimming and searching the web, or playing video games all day, myths bring the same type of vibe. Myths are full of adventure and action, just as these video games on the market are now. It is important to teach because, even if it only touches one student’s life, it will make a world of difference for that student and their appreciation for literature to pass down to future generations.

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