Julia Raucci’s Week 1 Blog: Goals

My first blog post! This is exciting!

I have many goals for this class, but mainly to understand what children’s literature is! Before this class started, I have only associated literature with words on a page in a book and nothing more. I watched Dr. Mcverry’s kickoff video and heard him speak about how toys could possibly be a form of literature, as they help the child shape and understand the world they are in. If toys aren’t considered literature, who decided that? Why did we listen to them? This concept blew my mind! Throughout this class, I would love to broaden my knowledge of what children’s literature is and, with help from my professor and peers, discover effective ways to teach it in the elementary classroom.

I feel that my goals as a writer are a little tougher to think about. I think my number one writing goal is to understand that it is okay to struggle sometimes. As a future teacher, I often think about how my future students are going to look at me. I have always wanted them to see my successes and my intelligence, because that is mostly what I remember of my old elementary school teachers. Recently, I have discovered that it is actually a good thing if your students see you work hard and struggle to accomplish a task. It not only reminds them that teachers are human too, but that just because something is difficult at first doesn’t mean that you give up. As a writer, I would like to allow myself to take breaks and cut myself some slack when my ideas aren’t playing out perfectly on paper. Through my time and dedication to my writing, everything will be accomplished.

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