Julia Raucci’s Week 1 Blog: Writing Task

The readings this first week were interesting and very entertaining.

One topic through those series of videos on Youtube that really stuck out to me was computer engineer Barbie. Barbie was just a designer and needed the men to make her game real. People who bought and read this were appalled by this and decided to remake the book into a way they thought was best. Some people made it serious while others made it comical. Either way, they remixed the book. O’Bryne, one of the speakers in the series of Youtube videos, discusses the possibility of remixing and remaking literature. If we don’t want Barbie telling young children that only men can program games, just remix the book. The future is uncertain so we must leave literature in the hands of our students, not set in stone.

Beginner musicians aren’t given bass clef until they can understand treble clef. Heibert, one of the speakers in the series of videos, compares books to music, which stuck out to me. Why do we take our time with music readers but rush children when they are learning to read words in a book?

The future is uncertain and technology is only growing. We, as future teachers, must adapt and teach students how to find and use reliable sources on the internet. Not everything on the internet is true but students wont know that unless we take the time to teach them.

This leads into Brigid Alverson’s article titled Teaching with Graphic Novels. Esther Kieller states in this article that we must use graphic novels to teach our students as “images are part of today’s culture… If we aren’t educating young students about reading images, they aren’t getting a rounded education.” I could not agree with this statement more. In this “selfie” generation, we must teach students with picture books and graphic novels. After all, pictures shape a child’s understanding of the world too.

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