Julia Raucci’s Week 2 Blog: Reading Task

I am going to annotate the Common Core State Standards here on this blog. The specific Reading for Literature standard I am choosing to trace across grade levels k-5 is Craft and Structure.

Kindergarten is focusing mainly on identifying words you don’t know, recognizing what form of text this is (book, poem), and identifying the role of authors and illustrators with help from the teacher.

First grade is focusing on the feelings the literature is trying to portray, identify books that give different kinds of information, and identifying who is telling the story throughout the text.

Second grade is about identifying the rhythm and meaning of the text, identifying how the beginning introduces the text and the ending concludes it, and identifying different points of views form each character.

Third gradeĀ distinguishes literal and non literal information, using vocabulary words such as stanza and chapter, and knowing their own point of view from the characters.

Fourth grade distinguishes major differences between texts, whether it be a poem, drama, or prose, and can identify the structural elements of poems and dramas. They can also compare and contrast how different stories are narrated, whether it be first or third person.

Fifth grade can identify similes and metaphors, as well as understand how a group of scenes, stanzas, or chapters work to create the structure of a story, drama, or poem. The can also describe how the character’s point of view determines how events in the story are described.

As we can see from grade levels k-5, each level relies on the previous to lay down a solid foundation to build upon for the next level of information. This is key, or students will not have the ability to further their learning.

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