Julia Raucci’s Week 2 Blog: Writing Task

I think these reading were very beneficial to my understanding of how to teach (and how students understand) literature.

By breaking down each aspect, as Rusul Alrubail from “Teaching Literacy Analysis” explains, literature will be easier to teach and easier for students to understand. There are 5 steps of understanding and writing literacy analysis. First, choose a topic. Second, focus your topic. Third, gather textual evidence to answer your questions. Fourth, Introduce, quote, and analyze your text. Fifth and finally, conclude you literacy analysis.

The pyramid, as taught by Traci Gardner for teaching plot structure, is also a beneficial and broken down way to teach and understand literature. It gives a clear visual representation of the structure of a text with the exposition (or introduction) at the beginning, reaching the point of the triangle for the climax, and ending at the other end of the pyramid with our denouement (or conclusion).

I believe that in order to teach our students these helpful tips for Reading for Literature, we must first create a classroom climate that allows them to do so. As teachers, we must be patient and be willing to assist our students when they encounter a problem in their reading. No student will learn if we are not there to teach them. In order for them to learn, and learn effectively, we must create an open, accepting climate where the students feel comfortable to ask their teacher and peers for help without feeling embarrassed or judged. This way, no student will be left behind and we will be laying a solid foundation for the students to enter their next grade level with.

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