Julia Raucci’s Book Review #6: You Are (Not) Small

You Are (Not) Small is a recent award winning children’s book,awarded in 2015. This book was after my time, but is a wonderful lesson that is teaching this generation, and many more to come, about talking things out and seeing problems from somebody else’s point of view.

This award winning children’s book is written by Anna Kang and illustrated by Christopher Weyant. Kang, along with the pictures by Weyant, tell a story of two bears, one big and one small. They see each other as these things from their own point of view. From the small bears point of view, the other bear is big. From the bigger bears point of view, the other bear is small. Instead of trying to see the issue from each other’s point of view, the argue until someone even bigger and someone even smaller comes into the picture. They are then able to compromise, as they are both now on a common middle ground.

This is a wonderful book to teach our upcoming generations, as this is something that we should be practicing more and more everyday. We should practice rational discussion as well as empathy and understanding. What is big to you may not be big to someone else, what is wrong to you may be right for the next person. We do not argue over these disagreements, we must speak to each other and attempt to see it from another’s eyes in order to compromise.

Due to the short sentences and colorful pictures, I recommend this book for k-1st graders, but this is a valuable lesson to revisit in upper elementary grade levels as well.

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