Julia Raucci’s Book Review #7: The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be is a wonderful book about uniqueness and unconditional love, a story that all children could learn a valuable and life changing lesson from.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be is an award winning children’s book that is written and illustrated by the incredibly talented Emily Winfield Martin. Martin’s story is all about love and being whoever you want to be in life. This is an incredibly important lesson to teach our students, and one that I hope adults follow and value as well. In a time like this, nothing but love and acceptance can fix and hold us together. We need to raise a generation of loving, empathetic, kind, and accepting individuals, and that can all start by reading them a story like this.

This book will also be a great stepping stone to poetry. This book has rhyming words at the end of every sentence, making the concept of rhyming in poetry more comfortable and understandable when the time comes to learn it.

I recommend this book for grades 2nd and 3rd, but, as previously stated, this is a valuable lesson for all children AND adults, and can be read aloud of reviewed by any other upper grades as a reminder to be kind and loving, as well as confident and unique.

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