Julia Raucci’s Fantasy Blog: Writing Task

I believe that fantasy as a genre can impact emerging readers by enhancing their creativity, imagination, and passion for literature. All of often I see children who think reading is “boring” and they would much rather be put in front of a TV set. By reading fantasy, we allow children to imagine the places and characters they are reading about. It makes you think outside the box, as typical fantasy books are quite far from reality! By reading fantasy books and showing children how creative and exciting they are, hopefully we can bring up a generation of passionate readers will a desire to continue reading literature throughout their life, especially in this age of electronics.

I, unfortunately, do not recall reading many fantasy books as a child, but I certainly did watch a ton of fantasy movies. Disney princesses were always my favorite, and I still love them today. The problem with movies, however, is that you are not forced to imagine the world or people, as they are clear right in front of you. This, in turn, does not help the creativity and imagination of a young child grow and develop as much as a book would, where it forces you to create all the battles and adventure in your mind. Fantasy books allow you to step away from reality, emerge yourself in another world, think out of the box, and strengthen your imagination. All in all, I see no downsides to teaching/reading fantasy!

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