Julia Raucci’s Realistic Fiction Blog: Reading/Writing Task

Realistic fiction is such an interesting and complex genre of literature. It must be believable enough, but also can carry elements of fantasy, like certain aspects of suspension of believe. Realistic fiction is very important to teach our students because, like the article “Realistic Fiction Books for Kids and Teens: A Beginner’s Guide” written by Emily Polson, we learn that realistic fiction teaches students about different races, cultures, and ways of life, among many other things!

The backward approach is something that is new to me, but I like it very much. By using the backward approach, students must read the story first and ask questions about what is really true. For example, in Charlotte’s Web, do pigs REALLY bathe in butter or was that fake? This is an awesome technique to teaching realistic fiction because it gets the kids to really pause and think about what they are reading, as well as practicing research and finding reliable sources on the internet!

The traditional elements to realistic fiction are believable and real characters, an original and fresh plot, as well as a true to life setting and an understandable story line. Nontraditional elements are things like super powers, super natural things, or anything that you couldn’t find in your everyday life.

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