Julia Raucci’s Biography Blog: Performance Task

The book I chose is “I Am Walt Disney” by Grave Norwich. It is a book about Walt Disney and all the struggles he overcome before he became such a successful creator. The book is perfect for elementary school students, especially second or third grade, as the language is quite straight forward and the pictures are bright and colorful, perfect to keep a child entertained and interested.

Something I learned from the second reading by Sally La Luzerne-Oi and Jean Kirschenmann is that, “some of the most successful units were created around the lives of Frank Lloyd Wright (architect), Wilma Rudolph (athlete), Estée Lauder (businessperson), and Milton Hershey (confectioner and philanthropist).” I think this is so interesting because not every students aspires to be an architect, athlete, or business person. The fact that our students can still connect and get something beneficial out of these people’s lives shows the development of understanding and empathy, being able to step into somebody else’s shoes.

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