Julia Raucci’s Biography Blog: Writing Task

You can teach biographies through books, articles, movies, or even musicals. It is important to have multiple methods to teach biography, as different forms will resonate differently with different students. It is important for students to understand that no matter what they look like, what gender or race they are, what religion they are, or where they come from, YOU can achieve greatness and make a change. I feel it is important to teach our students about such historic people to show them that fighting for something you believe in and achieving success is not easy, but it is possible.

It is important to teach students about multiple perspectives to help them gain empathy and understanding for others. The earlier they experience these, the better it will be for their behavior and their respect for others that may be different from them. I prefer teaching biography by either reading books as a class or assign projects where they research a person and have to present while dressed as their person! How fun is that? I did that type of project in fourth grade and it is one of the only memories I have from that class. We can make sure their biography book is culturally authentic by using this little tool called the internet! Not only will this be beneficial to them for their books, but it will teach them how to find reliable resources on the internet for future reference.

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